02.12.2015J. Vinton Schafer & Sons Receives Construction Award

MARYLAND – ABC Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter has announced the 2014 Excellence in Construction Award to J. Vinton Schafer & Sons’ Special Projects Division Group for The John Carroll School Systemic Upgrade in the category of GC Renovation Up to $1 Million!

This project was the systemic renovation of The John Carroll School’s auditorium, cafeteria and teachers’ lunch room. The scope of work included new HVAC, electric, and new lighting and controls in the cafeteria, new ceiling and lights in the teachers’ lunch room, and above ceiling work in the auditorium’s catwalk area. The new equipment is energy-efficient and uses occupancy sensors, which allowed the school to receive credits from BGE for the installation. Schafer self-performed the drywall and acoustical tile ceiling installation.

The project initially came in over the school’s budget so Schafer worked with Rubeling and the school to value engineer the work to get it within budget. The rooftop unit’s components and performance specs were modified to get the equipment within budget. We also value engineered the electrical service materials to bring the budget down. But the biggest time and money saver was the plaster ceiling in the auditorium. The plans initially called for the entire plaster ceiling above the catwalk in the auditorium to be removed. During our constructability review, we determined that there was a way for the above-ceiling work to occur without removing the plaster. This didn’t only save time and money, but prevented the mess associated with removing a plaster ceiling, and thus allowed the school to continue using the space during construction. Several summer camps, including a theater camp, used the space during construction, without any interruptions to their schedule or the construction schedule.

A crane was required to lift the rooftop units into place, requiring careful coordination and safety measures in the school parking lot and on the roof. Inside the occupied school, temporary partitions and a work platform were used to separate the work from the students. The work platform created a temporary ceiling between the campers and the work going on at the auditorium catwalks.

The project was a success and substantial completion was achieved so that when the international students arrived for orientation on August 18, the cafeteria and auditorium were air-conditioned for the first time ever.


J. Vinton Schafer & Sons, Inc. is a Quandel Enterprises, Inc. company. Quandel was established in 1882 in Minersville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania and is presently under the leadership of fourth generation management. Quandel has been providing construction services for 133 years including construction management, general construction, design-build, engineering and development. J. Vinton Schafer & Sons has been providing construction services since 1919.