06.30.2020Meet the MULE

Yes, the future IS here.

Is it possible that we have actually become the Jetsons?  Do you remember being fascinated at the way the Jetson’s machines and robots made the future look so incredible?  If there was something you needed, there was a button or a robot for that!

Fast forward to 2020.  Technology affects every aspect of our work and personal lives.  Robotics has been the number one biggest contributor to an enhanced approach to manufacturing everything from cars to widgets.  So it makes sense that robots are now being utilized in construction.

Meet the MULE.

The MULE (Masonry Unit Lift Enhancer) is a lift-assist robot designed to carry the weight of masonry block.  It allows the mason to engage with the block easily and takes the heavy load away from the mason when laying masonry block or other heavy materials. Traditionally, a mason typically lifts 10,000 lbs or more daily.  That is equivalent to lifting a pickup truck!  By utilizing the MULE, the daily load can be reduced to 150 lbs.

Here is why this technology is so important.

Laying masonry is one of the most physically demanding careers.  It is known for heavy lifting and repetitive motions, which is very stressful on the body.  As a result, masons are reported to have the highest rate of back injuries, more than one and a half times greater than the average construction worker.

Even more, the trickle-down effect of such injuries extends well beyond the injured mason.  It goes without saying that injuries have detrimental consequences to the mason’s household and families through the lack of income and care needs.  Further, project implications can include the possible delay in schedule or building turnover, elevated insurance costs, legal actions and more, causing negative effects for everyone from the builder to the owner.

Thankfully, the construction industry’s innovations in materials and construction methods continue protect our craftsmen, increase productivity and quality, all while extending our workers careers. The MULE is just one technological advancement of many that is changing the way we approach construction today.  The future continues to look bright!

Photos: Utilizing MULE Technology during our construction of the Wilkes-Barre School District New High School where 450,000 blocks were used.

Masonry Contractor: Alliance Masonry