09.01.2021Nicholas Meat Selects Quandel as Construction Management Firm

Nicholas Meat LLC has selected Quandel Construction Group, Inc. (Quandel) as the construction management firm to oversee the development of its industry-leading Sustainable Resource Facility (SRF), an innovative and comprehensive environmental management system that will allow the company to reuse water and generate green energy from biogas.

“We’re very excited to bring Quandel on as the construction management firm for this project,” said Brian Miller, Director of Sustainability at Nicholas Meat. “I can’t speak enough about the benefits of the SRF, once fully operational, and Quandel is the right company to help us achieve the goal of protecting our aquifer and being dedicated to a sustainable Sugar Valley.”

The SRF will feature award-winning waste-to-energy technology and an advanced water treatment facility. Once fully operational, the facility will help reduce truck traffic at Nicholas Meat, contain and minimize odor, create renewable energy, decrease the company’s carbon footprint and capture greenhouse gases.

“Committed to leading, making a difference and building a better future, this project allows Nicholas Meat to positively impact the community and its residents through an advanced wastewater treatment facility with waste-to-energy technology that will provide a quality source of water,” said Mark Salak, Quandel Project Executive. “We are excited to partner with Nicholas Meat to make this happen for the community and the company.”

Quandel will provide oversight of the entire project which will include sitework, concrete walls, anerobic digester which generates biogas, wastewater treatment facility, and ancillary equipment. Quandel will be responsible for soliciting and hiring the necessary subcontractors to perform the work and will provide full-time, onsite supervision of those subcontractors.

“A project of this magnitude shows the innovative economy within Pennsylvania and the commitment of sustainability in food processing and the construction industry,” Salak continued. “The SRF not only brings technology to Pennsylvania that will serve as a model throughout the meat processing industry, but it also demonstrates the role agriculture plays in building a strong economy in our state. The construction of the Sustainable Resource Facility is an example of how our food processing can be more sustainable.”

Quandel has been involved with numerous water and wastewater treatment facilities, completing many projects within the public/municipal sector. In the private sector, they have provided management oversite during construction of a new wastewater treatment facility for a food processing facility.