Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a revolutionary process to bring buildings to life before the first shovel of dirt is turned. BIM is an approach to design and construction that has rapidly taken hold of the industry. Since 2008, Quandel has utilized BIM on over 70 projects, enhancing scheduling, estimating and other management services, and making the project delivery process much more efficient and cost effective for all stakeholders.

Building Information Modeling is a 3D time elapsed representation of the construction process. It allows all trades to coordinate exact rough-in requirements and routing. This translates into speed and accuracy during installation. It also allows the Construction Manager to simulate the construction schedule to maximize workflow and sequencing.

Quandel will bring experience and expertise to your Building Program. We will sit down with your team and develop a BIM Execution Plan to be utilized across all projects and achieve a successful implementation of your BIM Execution Plan. We approach BIM as a process to mitigate risks. The Model acts a single source of information containing existing condition details, proposed designs, and coordinated work plans during construction. By integrating designers and contractors into the BIM process, surprises are significantly reduced and replaced with project momentum and preserved resources.

Value to Facility Managers

Beyond the construction process, the construction coordination model has value for the facility manager. In addition to the construction coordination data, we will also link the model to the electronic O&M information, giving the facility manager easy access to warranty information, product data, Certificate and Test Reports, as well as the contact information of installers and suppliers.

The Value of BIM:

  • Costly clashes of MEP systems and structures are resolved before bid day
  • Estimating is within 1% accuracy
  • Change orders are reduced by 40%
  • schedule is reduced by 7%