The Design-Build delivery method is advances the procurement process from more traditional delivery methods. This methodology includes both the architect and the builder under a single contract. This teaming arrangement streamlines the procurement process and produces a higher quality product in a shorter amount of time in the most cost-effective manner. Additionally, enhanced accountability and communication is inherent in the method since the design and construction arms work as a single entity. Regarding the allocation of risk the method allows Owners to place all design and construction risk onto the entity providing the design-build service.

The process begins with the owner, architect, and builder meeting together to define the scope of the project and develop a preliminary budget, which will govern the design as the project progresses. This level of coordination creates complete financial transparency so the owner knows how and where each of their dollars will be spent. With project feasibility constantly in question, the design-build team is able to offer the owner a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) that does not obligate the owner to advance into construction until it has been accepted.

While the architect develops the design, portions of the construction documents set can be submitted early for permit. This allows sitework to begin before the building design is complete. The design-build team also has the option to engage knowledgeable subcontractors to assist during the design phase by interviewing clients and developing programmatic requirements, specifically for MEP systems.  Using this procurement option, the builder also has the opportunity to implement a more thorough subcontractor prequalification process. This results in a better end-product.