A blueprint
for integrity

We pledge to do what’s right. It’s not always easy. If we have to stop and ask ourselves, “Is this right?” — we already know the answer. Our motto:
Integrity always.

Our Core Purpose & Core Values

Our integrity, core purpose and core values have been the foundation of our success since 1882.  They define who we are to everyone: our team, our customers, our subcontractors, our suppliers, and our communities.

We stand firmly behind our core purpose:

Lead. Make a Difference. Build a Better Future.

We practice and implement these core values:


First. Last. Always!

Steadfast Integrity

Be Honest. Treat Others with Respect.

Exceptional Service

Align Goals. Add Value. Develop Lasting Relationships.

Commitment to Excellence

Take Ownership. Constantly Improve.

Focus on Team

Listen. Collaborate. Communicate. Execute.