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Our clients rely on us as a trusted advisor and an extension of their team to help them achieve their project objectives without compromising their vision.
Over 140 Years in the Industry

A Strong Foundation Begins with Quandel.

We strive to earn your trust every day, and we pride ourselves on partnerships and our growing list of repeat customers. Our success is defined by the long-lasting relationship we share with our clients long after the project is complete.

​We treat each project as our most important job. An executive of the company is personally involved with every project we undertake to address our clients’ interests effectively, ethically, and economically. Because our approach is comprehensive, each project is managed with the maximum combination of experience, technical knowledge, and management representation, regardless of scale, schedule, or complexity. From healthcare to senior living to student housing, we have the resources to construct your most demanding projects.

Clients of All Spectrums

The Markets We Serve

From healthcare to senior living to student housing, we have the resources to construct your most demanding projects.


As a bridge contractor, Quandel understands how to manage the challenges bridge projects present. We have experience building in environmentally sensitive terrain, over major bodies of water and existing infrastructure. Our bridge experience includes suspension, cable-stayed, cast-in-place, precast segmental, precast and flat slab, guideways, pedestrian, steel girder, and box girder.

Civic / Government

We are committed to advancing how construction supports and fosters civic life. We build safe and welcoming buildings where citizens can grow and learn, and where they can strengthen their community ties. Our civic portfolio includes courthouses, libraries, federal office buildings, and emergency responder facilities that shape the built environment and create lasting value for the communities they serve.


We understand the unique approach that corporate and specialty facilities require from multi-story corporate offices to mission-critical data centers. We work closely with each client to establish a vision reflecting the company’s mission, culture, and current and future needs. This approach supports changing technologies, provides flexibility for growth, and enhances a corporate sense of community to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. With a hands-on approach to construction management and single-source solutions, we provide clients with confidence that their facilities will be completed on time, on budget, and to their specifications.

Building Foundations / Structural Concrete

Concrete is the foundation of many industrial structures. It takes an experienced, capable concrete contractor with a proven track record of success to complete the job on time and within budget. We have been meeting the needs of our clients and tailoring our concrete services accordingly since 1995.


From new construction to emergency repairs, Quandel is your choice for dam and hydropower construction projects. We have made dam construction a focus with dedicated crews, specialized equipment, and a safety program. Our crews have the experience and equipment necessary to work in a variety of conditions, including confined spaces, and elevated workstations. We build new or replace existing structures and complete a wide variety of concrete repairs. From mass pours to small surface repairs, our crews can place concrete in traditional concrete placement methods, precast attachments, and preplaced aggregate concrete.


Healthcare facilities are critical infrastructure in our communities, and executing these complex projects requires resources, experience, communication, and collaboration. Our passion is to assist hospitals and health systems in accomplishing their mission for sustainable and long-term operational success. We understand the complex regulatory atmosphere and specialized requirements of laboratories, clean rooms, pharmaceutical, and acute healthcare environments. We work closely with clients to meet DOH/CMS regulations and enhance positive patient outcomes. We provide patient-centered care solutions while balancing the challenges inherent to working in high-risk, occupied facilities. The healthcare environment is constantly changing. We seek to provide our clients with the best information necessary to achieve their strategic and facility goals by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Higher Education

Just as any building needs a strong foundation, our students need a strong foundation as they advance their education. We are continually inspired by opportunities to build physical environments that enhance academic communities across the full spectrum of programs, organizational structures, and institutional missions. We are dedicated to creating dynamic learning environments that provide opportunities for students to collaborate and inspire  intellectual and physical activity and social connections. We keep current with educational trends and supplement our project experience with independent research initiatives and post-occupancy evaluations. In addition to building instructional and research spaces that are responsive and adaptable to the program needs, we also place a great deal of attention on “in-between” spaces to foster social interaction and the cultural attributes of the academic community. We realize the value of a close working relationship as we collaborate with you and the design professionals to refine and monitor program scope, cost, schedule, and quality. We construct facilities that serve the needs of your students for decades to come.


The hospitality industry focuses on creating positive and memorable guest experiences and building popular destinations. Hotel, restaurant, and entertainment venue construction work should not get in the way of that. We have experience meeting the needs of hospitality clients and executing multimillion-dollar renovations and additions with minimal interruptions and fast-tracked operations where needed. We do this with our in-house team and working with trusted subcontractors. Careful management of our construction sites allows us to deliver confidence and quality with each project.


​Having constructed millions of square feet in industrial projects, our construction professionals take on complex projects regardless of circumstances or scale. From distribution facilities to processing plants, we understand the challenges clients face. With a hands-on construction approach, we simplify complexities while reducing costs and provide clients with peace of mind that their facilities will be completed to their specifications. From large site development projects to existing facility expansions, our team focuses on achieving the best possible outcome for clients and their businesses.

Multi-Family / Mixed-Use

From market-rate multi-family housing to PHFA tax credit housing, we construct living spaces where your clients come home to relax, recharge, and live their lives. Whether planning a traditional townhouse complex or mixed-use apartment building, our experience and trade contractor network will provide value to you as we develop budgets, establish project phasing, and identify product alternatives that achieve your vision. Our experience extends to providing construction services for renovations, additions, new construction, and other types of work for commercial residences, including older and historical buildings repositioned for multi-family housing.

Non-profit / Community

We believe that every person should have access to well-built spaces where they can thrive. From churches to shelters to youth centers, we partner with the community and non-profit associations to build spaces where people can grow spiritually, become healthier, be better educated, and increase economic mobility. We care about the lasting impact on partner communities.


Every school building program sets out to achieve a mission. This  mission aims to establish a foundation that enables students to gain the skills necessary to become productive and successful adults. Likewise, We realize that a winning project begins with a team approach. From planning through occupancy, we will work with you and your design professionals to refine and monitor the scope, cost, schedule, and quality of your project, which will serve the needs of your students for decades to come.


Our firm has a special understanding of religious construction and experience in working with clergy, building committees, and congregations. We approach the construction of places of worship with reverence and apply our liturgical understanding to the design of worship centers to enhance the action of your worship practices. Our construction considers the liturgy, how worship is conducted and applies the function of the programming requirements throughout the building.


Our work in retail spaces includes a range of projects across many types of businesses and construction phases. We perform buildouts, renovations, additions, and new construction projects on everything from grocery stores to small boutique storefronts. With the experience of our skilled, attentive staff, and trusted subcontractors, we know how to keep foot traffic moving and finish the project according to a schedule that works for your business. Tight deadlines are well within our capabilities, and we work within a broad scope for reliable, quality retail construction.

Senior Living

Our senior living construction professionals are capable of building facilities that meet the needs for independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing, as well as active adult communities. We build to the location, lifestyle, and services required for your campus. We understand the physical, emotional, and aesthetic needs of seniors. Relying on this knowledge, we provide solutions that address regulatory requirements and that your residents are proud to call home. Our experience creates positive results for senior living owners, operators, and developers throughout the industry by understanding their businesses and the needs that come along with them.

Site Preparation

Site excavation has evolved into a complex task that has the potential to disrupt a project’s momentum. Our team has experience with a variety of site excavation services such as

  • site clearing,
  • site erosion and post erosion controls,
  • site grading,
  • site utilities, and
  • excavation and back fill for foundations.
Water / Wastewater Treatment Plants

We help clients deliver water to their communities by employing unique techniques for renovations, upgrades to existing facilities, and construction of new water and wastewater treatment plants. Because we self-perform much of the concrete, piping, and mechanical work, we can better control quality, cost, and schedule, passing those benefits on to our clients. Our team of professionals provide knowledge of the facility and technology valuable to properly planned and executed projects.

Our understanding of plant processes and procedures, installed equipment, relationships with plant personnel, knowledge of maintenance schedules, existing SCADA and electrical systems, and an overall understanding of the inner workings of our customer’s program allows our team to anticipate what owner’s expect.

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Performance ConstructionMechanical / Process

Performance Construction is a heavy, environmental construction company who has the manpower and equipment to provide:

  • Excavation for tanks and building footers.
  • Excavation and installation of process, sewer, and storm piping.
  • Forming and pouring of concrete tanks, equipment foundations, and process buildings.
  • Unloading, rigging, setting, installing, and starting up of numerous types of process equipment including:
    • Pumps and blowers
    • Aeration systems
    • Screens, filters, grinders, and grit removal equipment
    • Conveyors and sludge handling equipment
    • Digester gas equipment and mixing equipment
    • Chemical feed equipment and Polymer feed equipment
    • Ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis equipment
    • Ultraviolet, chlorination, and ozone equipment
    • Process instrumentation, process control, and process safety equipment
  • Installation of both underground and above ground piping systems including ductile iron, copper, stainless steel, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and other more exotic systems.

We work on pumping stations and water/wastewater treatment plants for both public and private, as well as landfill leachate treatment plants. 

Performance ConstructionGeneral Trades

While our team can self-perform work as a general contractor or subcontractor, we offer a team of skilled general trades craftsmen. Our team of general tradesmen, who are skilled carpenters and labors, provide services from rough framing to finishes. Our tradesmen are knowledgeable of their craft, are cost-conscious, and do their best to minimize cost impacts as much as possible and keep the project on schedule.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Rough carpentry
  • Wood and metal framing
  • Drywall installation
  • Ceilings, doors, frames, hardware, and casework installation
  • Specialties
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment installation
Performance ConstructionSite Work

Earthwork with Purpose
Site excavation has evolved into a complex task that has the potential to disrupt a project’s momentum. Our team has experience with a variety of site excavation services such as, site clearing, site erosion and post erosion controls, site grading, site utilities, and excavation and backfill for foundations, and we have extensive experience in the water and wastewater industries. Our team has completed complicated excavations at various depths for water, sewer lines, and new building foundations to support water and wastewater infrastructure. Our solutions to complex problems sets us apart, and our knowledge helps us guide our clients through the construction process. While regulations are ever changing, we offer the knowledge required to navigate the intricacies of your project. From early site development planning and permitting to responsive and accurate estimating, we are equipped to start your project off on the right foot. Our experienced team manages site development projects of various sizes. We are prepared with equipment, a consistent safety record, and the expertise to maximize results. From simple land alteration, grading, and clearing, to complex site development and utility projects, we have the experience. Let us use our experience and knowledge to lay the groundwork for your next project.

Quandel ConstructionVirtual Design & Construction

Keeping Projects on Track
See digital models of your buildings and job sites before construction even starts. Our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team focuses on creating a collaborative environment with our clients to deliver customized and innovative construction solutions. We use the latest technology in our VDC process to streamline the delivery of our projects in an integrated and Lean approach. This approach allows for enhanced communication, efficient collaboration with our trade partners, and the effective use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise for overall project coordination.

BIM is a digital representation of a structure’s physical and functional properties. This technology enables us to design a project virtually, track progress, optimize processes, minimize waste, and validate installations. This allows for improved quality as well as a decrease in risk as workflow becomes more efficient. By using BIM during the design process, we can identify conflicts, address coordination issues, and create clear metrics against the program’s goals.

We work together with stakeholders to determine optimal outcomes. We sit down with your team and develop a BIM execution plan for the project. We approach BIM as a process to mitigate risks. During this process, we use digital tools to create virtual models of buildings. The model acts as a single source of information containing existing condition details, proposed designs, and coordinated work plans during construction. These digital models are then evaluated before ground is broken, allowing project teams to optimize building construction. Through 3D digital modeling, stakeholders can see and address issues before they ever become a reality, preventing costly mistakes during construction. By integrating forward-thinking designers and contractors into the BIM process, conflicts are detected and corrected quickly saving you money and time.


  • Performance models
  • Product and work processes
  • Organizational modeling
  • Building information modeling
  • 3D digital modeling
  • 3D printing
  • Virtual walk-throughs
Quandel ConstructionOwner's Representation

We Are an Extension of Your Staff
Many owners trust us to manage and execute projects on their behalf. We understand that taking on a new design and construction project comes with a lot of uncertainty. Our team has the experience to guide you through the construction process. As an Owner’s representative, we are an extension of your staff. We represent you throughout the process of a project, including site selection, design, entitlements, permitting, and construction. We serve as a liaison to manage and execute the project on your behalf, carrying out your best interests while adding value. By partnering with Quandel Construction, you have access to our industry knowledge and experience that will guide you through the construction process while coordinating the actions of the parties involved in your construction project.

Quandel ConstructionGeneral Construction

A Reputation Built on Excellence
Subcontractor prequalification, coordination, scheduling, punch lists, training, and more. Over the years, our firm has created a name for itself as a builder of excellence. A professional workforce with years of experience and accomplishment allows us to take blueprints and turn them into projects that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. As your general contractor, we work with you on budgets, timelines, logistics, and oversight. We take the lead and work with subcontractors and vendors, executing each project with efficiency and a “whatever it takes” attitude.

Services Provided:

  • Subcontractor prequalification
  • Submittal procedures
  • Construction conferences
  • Safety
  • Coordination of inspection and testing
  • Construction scheduling
  • Change order management
  • Quality control
  • Punch list inspections
  • Operational systems check
  • As-build documents
  • Operation and maintenance training
Quandel ConstructionConstruction Management

Knowledgeable Construction Partners
We construct your projects on time and within budget while meeting your needs. At Quandel Construction, we have the experience and capabilities to manage various project types. Our management style comes down to collaborating effectively with the right people. We take a client-centered collaborative approach to each project we manage with a focus on listening, communicating with integrity, and adding value.

Our construction management project approach focuses on areas of responsibility that revolve around project management, cost management, quality management, project/contract administration, and project safety programs. We are an extension of your staff. From preconstruction through project closeout, our focus is to finish your project on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. Using experienced team members and continuous project monitoring, we set a foundation for a successful construction management process.

Ranging from building core and shell design to construction and interior fit-out, we provide clients with early cost input and accelerated construction opportunities. Our experience and local market knowledge add value while delivering efficiencies from previous projects to your project.

Services Provided:

  • Alternative delivery methods
  • Budget validation and cost control
  • Constructability reviews
  • Value engineering
  • Schedule analysis

Alternative Delivery Methods

A Better Way to Build
Choosing the best delivery method for your project does not have to be a difficult task. Depending on your project needs, desire for involvement in decisions, and risk tolerance, there is a delivery system that is right for your project. Some considerations when determining your project approach include:

  • Is it a strictly cost-driven approach?
  • Is it a schedule-driven approach?
  • Who will hold the risk?
  • Who will ultimately be accountable?

A linear design-bid-build process where the Owner selects an architect/engineer to fully document the project criteria and design prior to bidding. The lowest responsive and responsible general contractor (single prime) is awarded the contract. Bids are based on the original plans; any changes to the plans and specifications are administered by change order above and beyond the bid.

Construction Manager At-Risk
A contractor is hired through a best value selection process before or during the design phase. The Owner, architect, and construction manager are a collaborative team from planning through construction with a primary emphasis on integrating design and construction. The construction manager provides a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). The construction manager solicits competitive bids from prequalified subcontractors holding the subcontracts for construction.

Construction Manager Agency
A construction manager is hired as an Owner’s agent through a qualifications-based selection process during the design phase. The construction manager provides estimates before or during design, assists with bidding, and coordinates prime contractors during construction. The Owner bids and holds the construction contracts. The construction manager agent is paid based on hourly rates or a fee. This is in addition to the general contractor or prime contractor fee.

An Owner contracts and collaborates with a single design-builder for the project. The design-build team includes the architect, engineer, and construction manager. The design-build team complete the design and a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) is provided. The design-build team solicits bids from prequalified subcontractors and holds the subcontracts for construction.

Integrated Project Delivery
The integrated project delivery (IPD) process allows the Owner, design, and construction team to use information, such as incorporating building information modeling, in an integrated environment, to increase efficiency and support new ways of working. Based on Lean construction principles, IPD is the reliance on knowledge integration that adds value through maximizing efficiency and collaboration of those involved. Given that IPD encompasses collaborative processes that rely on the collective expertise of the extended project stakeholders (including designers, builders, subcontractors, and owners), the effects of design decisions can be easily understood, increasing the level of project success.

Quandel ConstructionPreconstruction Services

First Step in Planning
We help our clients know what to expect and when by providing a step-by-step roadmap for getting the project done. Early preconstruction services and project controls lay the foundation for a successful project. We facilitate the design and approval process throughout preconstruction, efficiently allocating resources, defining responsibilities, and facilitating collaboration to bring out the best work of the team members to focus on meeting the program, budget, and schedule objectives.

Working as an extension of your team, we provide services during the project’s planning, design, and documentation phases that contribute directly to project success. We detail how each service interrelates to the roles and responsibilities of the Owner and the project team. We work closely with our clients to align our goals to the goals of the Owner’s building program.

The following are some of the essential preconstruction services we offer:

  • Existing condition analysis
  • Building information modeling
  • Constructability analysis and review
  • Cost estimating and control
  • Scheduling, phasing, and logistics
  • Systems analysis - initial versus life cycle costs
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Material procurement
  • Risk management
  • Subcontractor prequalification and selection
Quandel ConstructionProject Planning

Planning a construction project starts way before plans are drawn.
We lead, manage, and execute a construction project from design to building completion. Our impact on a project’s outcome is greatest at the planning stage. Our ability to optimize results starts with a defined construction plan incorporating scope and costs for informed decision-making. Led by our preconstruction manager, the team will work to understand the owner’s vision and objectives for their project. Starting with initial project phasing, we collaborate with the design team and the Owner using our experience to evaluate various phasing and sequencing options, including the people, resources, and budget for the project. Leadership drives the process. After assessing project variables, we create a comprehensive project plan that clarifies programmatic and budgetary objectives.

Our team strives to understand the final desired project outcome and define the steps required to achieve that outcome during project planning. In this step, we analyze and select the method and the order of work for a specific project. We identify construction activities, develop the construction schedule, and plan out the team structure. From working with a client on finding the property to develop to creating a visual sketch or building information model of the conceptual design to project close out, we are a trusted and valued partner to our clients. Proper planning is a roadmap for success, reduces the potential for change orders, contains cost overruns, and limits liability.


  • Leverages the experience of our team early in the design process
  • Minimizes cost by the efficient deployment of available resources
  • Alignment of the project design, budget, and schedule
  • Encourages innovation and creativity among the team, fostering a more collaborative approach
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