Abington Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Name

Abington Regional Wastewater Treatement Plant & Interceptor Upgrade


Chinchilla, PA

Project Description

This assignment for Abington Regional Wastewater Authority includes construction of a brand new bio-solids management building, a new process operations building and a new headworks building. Quandel is also:

  • Converting the existing filter press building into a new chemical feed building
  • Renovating the main pump station and the control building
  • Constructing two new concrete sludge holding tanks and two new concrete aerobic digesters
  • Converting six aeration tanks into three new bioreactors
  • Renovating final clarifiers #1 and #2
  • Converting the existing aerobic digester into new final clarifier #3
  • Adding a second UV disinfection system and re-aeration tank
  • Demolishing the abandoned chlorine contact tank

New treatment equipment includes grit removal, centrifuge, chemical feed systems, clarifier mechanisms, sludge grinders, blowers, dry pit submersible pumps, bar screens, compressed gas mixing system, coarse and fine bubble diffuser systems, new process monitoring and control system.

Gallons Per Day

3.5 MGD

Owner’s Name

Abington Regional Wastewater Authority


Gannett Fleming Engineers


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