Scranton Redevelopment Authority New Casey Parking Garage

Project Name

Casey Parking Garage


Scranton, PA

Project Description

Quandel Construction Group, Inc. constructed the new Casey Parking Garage for the Scranton Redevelopment Authority. The parking deck is an eight-story parking structure located in downtown Scranton. The new structure accommodates 480 parking spaces and includes 15,000 sq. ft. of retail space on the first floor. The facáde of the structure consists of a combination of brick, pre-cast and ornamental metals to provide an appearance which blends with the City of Scranton’s architecture.

A massive concrete pour started this project. Approximately 120 workers poured 3,300 cubic yards of concrete in 18 hours. This effort required weeks of planning and coordination with contractors and local authorities. This concrete pour involved 330 truck loads of concrete, with 27 trucks on the road at all times, and three — one leaving, one discharging, and one arriving — at each pump at any given time. The massive effort produced a 42-inch thick concrete foundation pad. The concrete pad was a proposed alternate foundation system that resulted in over $300,000 in savings to the project.


8 Levels – 480 Spaces

Owner’s Name

Scranton Redevelopment Authority


Highland Associates, Ltd.