County of Berks Building E Sanatorium Demolition

Project Name

Building E Sanatorium Demolition


Leesport, PA

Project Description

The County of Berks requested Quandel to perform a study outlining several options for their Building E Sanatorium. The County decided to undertake asbestos abatement and complete demolition of the facility.

Quandel worked with SSM Group, Inc., an environmental consultant and structural/civil engineering firm, through planning and demolition to assemble bid documents. Once bids were received and the project was awarded, Quandel provided construction services and onsite supervision for the duration of the project.

Demolition took place while residents were still living in the attached Berks County Residential Center. Hand demolition was utilized where the Sanatorium abutted the structure to remain.

Quandel was a able to complete the project for approximately $743,000 less than originally budgeted.

Square Footage

41,250 Sq. Ft.

Owner’s Name

County of Berks


SSM Group, Inc.