DGS New Diagnostic and Classification Center

Project Name

New Diagnostic and Classification Center


Camp Hill, PA

Project Description

The new building, with a gross area of 68,000 SF, is located inside the security perimeter of State Correctional Institution (SCI) complex, Camp Hill, PA. The building is a two-story building structure with mezzanine level at the second floor. The first floor level contains program spaces such as lobby, waiting area, administrative offices, physician’s offices, counseling offices, medical department, clerical, record storage and staff support. Second floor and second floor mezzanine levels are comprised of a total of 128 cells divided into two housing pods.  Each housing pod has 32 cells at the main level and 32 cells at the mezzanine level. Each cell is furnished for double occupancy. The building houses an inmate population of 248 inmates. Dayroom spaces, inmate shower areas, exercise courtyard, raised control room, elevator lobby, offices and stairs and other program spaces are provided on the second floor level.

Project Size

68,000 sq. ft. / 128 Cells

Owner’s Name

Department of General Services


L. Robert Kimball & Associates