Dallastown Area School District Photovoltaic System

Project Name

Dallastown Area School District Photovoltaic System


York, PA

Project Description

Quandel’s third consecutive project for Dallastown Area School District was to oversee the installation of a photovoltaic system on their High School/Middle School rooftop. This system uses solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. It consists of multiple components, including the photovoltaic modules, mechanical and electrical connections and mountings has the capability to regular and/or modify the system’s electrical output.

Several of the District’s environmental and energy goals will be achieved or advanced by the construction of this solar energy project including:

  • Reduction in the District’s reliance on conventional energy resources.
  • Reductions in air pollution emissions.
  • Greenhouse gas production and improvements in overall environmental quality.

Project Size

500 Kilowatts | 2,060 Solar Panels

Owner’s Name

Dallastown Area School District


Spiezle Architectural Group