Dauphin County Commissioners New Juvenile Center

Project Name

New Juvenile Detention Center


Dauphin County, PA

Project Description

The 60-bed juvenile detention center is a one-story masonry structure with a full kitchen, courtroom facilities, programming and educational spaces, and indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. A significant issue that Quandel handled during the course of administration of the base project was responding to an expressed need for more bed space. The original building design specified four completely self-contained 12-bed units or pods, but available data indicated that additional bed space would be required immediately upon opening.

Upon analysis of the costs of renting additional bed space and comparison to the construction capital expenditure of adding another pod, Quandel assisted the county in reaching the conclusion that adding another pod was not only economically feasible but desirable as a method of meeting the long-term housing needs of the county’s juvenile inmate population.

Each pod is equipped with a classroom and an individualized outdoor recreational area. The facility also contains three separate dining halls and a large indoor gymnasium. While four of the pods are locked units for juvenile offenders, the fifth is a 12-bed shelter combination for county dependent children.

The building also includes an emergency management center which replaced the County’s existing facility with state-of-the-art E-911 and communications capabilities. The emergency management center allows full-scale management of Dauphin County emergency operations. The emergency management component of the facility is constructed on the lower level with its own entrance.

Square Footage

54,000 Sq. Ft.

Owner’s Name

Dauphin County Commissioners


Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates

We needed a construction manager full time to oversee the construction of this facility; I couldn’t be over here all the time. That’s where Quandel came in. Several delays occurred. Quandel was here to handle any problems that arose. When we had a concern or an issue Quandel was extremely responsive. The new facility functions well.
Albert Hooke, former Director