Evangelical Community Hospital Cafe Renovations

Project Name

Kitchen, Cafeteria & Conference Room Renovations


Lewisburg, PA

Project Description

As part of continuing efforts by Evangelical Community Hospital to create a positive patient experience, they hired Quandel to manage the renovation of the Hospital’s kitchen and dining room.

The entire dining room/kitchen renovation project included exciting new updates geared toward more efficient and comfortable surroundings for both staff and visitors. The new kitchen features updated and modern equipment and finishes as well as behind the scenes updated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. The dining room and conference rooms will see new furniture and finishings in keeping with more recent renovations. An electronic menu board was added for clear viewing of available food options. The project as a whole was designed to create a more pleasing dining experience from serving line to table.

Construction was completed, as expected, in 11 months and within budget. 

Square Footage

13,000 Sq. Ft.

Owner’s Name

Evangelical Community Hospital



The Hospital finds Quandel to be a low cost, high service Construction Manager that consistently goes above and beyond our expectations. Their experienced healthcare staff works through all of the logistical issues and provides a high level of service to our impacted employees, project staff, and patients. Also, the availability of Quandel's management is unsurpassed. While rarely needed, it is nice to have the direct lines of communication open for the more complex budget, contract and design discussions. In many ways it feels like they are us, part of our team. This has been a driver for success for both of us and why the relationship will continue.
Kendra Aucker, CEO