Humane Society of Lebanon County New Dog Kennels

Project Name

New Dog Kennels


Myerstown, PA

Project Description

The Humane Society of Lebanon County hired Quandel Construction Group to complete its new Dog Kennel Addition project after the original general contractor went out of business. Quandel stepped in to bring the kennel project back on track.

The new dog kennels are equipped with varying sizes of runs to accommodate dogs of every size from Great Danes to Chihuahuas. The kennels are divided into smaller “rooms” to cut down on noise levels and to minimize the stress level of the dog population. State-of-the-art pressure washing, ventilation and waste disposal systems are also included, and the predominate heating system is solar thermal within-floor heating. Rain water is also being caught from the roof for use in cleaning the kennels.

The new kennels feature outside runs, which create a much healthier environment for the shelter’s canine guests. There is also a separate quarantine area to accommodate dogs with any health issues. All air within this area is exhausted directly outside to minimize the transmission of diseases.

Project Size

3,200 Sq. Ft.

Owner’s Name

Humane Society of Lebanon County


Beyond Architects