Illinois Department of Transportation

Project Name

Chicago-St. Louis High Speed Rail Project


Chicago, IL-St. Louis, MO

Project Description

As a member of the program management team for the Chicago – St. Louis High Speed Rail Project, Quandel Consultants has completed multiple preliminary and track design tasks to implement ground-breaking high-speed intercity passenger rail service reaching 110 MPH in the State of Illinois. Quandel was responsible for designing spiraled horizontal curves to accommodate both high-speed passenger and regular freight operations. Our design staff calculated the required superelevation and spiral length in accord with AREMA passenger design criteria and created a plan set.

Other Quandel work for this project included assessing potential horizontal clearance impacts to physical obstructions or right-of-way limits due to the proposed shift of siding and second main tracks from 13 ft. to 20 ft. centers. To undertake this work, our staff completed a corridor clearance evaluation using property VAL maps, aerial images, track charts and a 3D DTM produced from the 2001 LIDAR survey data. A corridor model enabled us to analyze the effects of proposed track and earthwork construction on existing terrain, property and utility constraints. A set of cross-sections at each conflict site depicting the existing groundline, the proposed track configuration, and dimension lines showing available horizontal clearance and estimated conflict distances was developed.

Quandel is assisting in the schedule refinement process thorough the preparation of stringline diagrams, which analyze 79 mph and 110 mph passenger train schedules for the single track corridor where high speed meets occurred at a series of sidings between passenger stations.