Locust Mountain Healthcare Facility Addition

Project Name

New Healthcare Facility Wing


Shenandoah, PA

Project Description

A fast-track expansion and renovation project, the Locust Mountain Healthcare Facility involved Quandel Construction serving as Construction Manager and also assisting in the selection of an architect for the project. Quandel oversaw the construction of the facility’s new 60-bed wing and enabled project completion six months ahead of schedule despite extensive excavation mandated by a severely sloping site.

Originally slated for completion in May, Locust Mountain’s new wing was finished in November of the preceding year, enabling the admission of new patients by the second week in November. Quandel’s additional responsibilities included the modification and relocation of nursing stations within the facility’s original building, work which was completed three months ahead of schedule.

Square Footage

21,000 Sq. Ft.

Owner’s Name

Locust Mountain Healthcare Facility


Bink Partnership

Our Board of Directors is completely satisfied with Quandel’s work and with our finished product. Time is money, and we felt it was very important to become operational as quickly as possible given the competitive nature of our business. Early completion obviously results in additional revenue generation for us, and we have seen our numbers increase significantly over what was projected. This also helps put us ahead of our debt service. Quandel exceeded our expectations. They did an excellent job, and we are really delighted with the outcome. It was nice to know that Quandel was there to take care of all the headaches for us.
Frank Milewski, Chairman of the Board