Knouse Foods New Wastewater Treatment Plant & CHP System

Project Name

New Wastewater Treatment Plant & Combined Heat & Power System


Peach Glen, PA

Project Description

Adams County-based Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc. has selected Quandel to provide construction management services for their new wastewater treatment facility at Knouse Foods’ Peach Glen Plant.

The current wastewater treatment facility, at Peach Glen, will be replaced to meet future production demands, improve overall sustainability and meet DEP mandated requirements. The new facility will replace the existing spray field operations with an Anaerobic Digester with residual food waste handling followed by a membrane bioreactor for polishing of wastewater for final stream discharge. In addition to the wastewater treatment facility, a combined heat and power (CHP) system will be constructed to utilize the biogas generated by the anaerobic digester to generate electricity, hot water and steam to offset current and future facility demands.

ARCADIS U.S., Inc. has been contracted as the design-builder for this wastewater treatment project.

Knouse Foods is a fruit-grower owned agricultural cooperative that produces a variety of apple, peach and cherry products.

Owner’s Name

Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc.