North Londonderry Township New WWTP

Project Name

North Londonderry Township Wastewater Treatment Plant


Palmyra, PA

Project Description

Quandel Construction Group was the general construction on the North Londonderry Township Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The work for this project consisted of a new 1.5 million gallon per day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant; hydraulic grinder, pump station, headwork’s building with mechanical bar screen with grit and grease removal system, two (2) 120’ diameter aeration tanks, RAS pump station, two (2) 55’ diameter clarifiers, scum pump station, flocculation tank, filter building with 2 cloth disk filters and 3 UV reactors, various chemical feed systems, post aeration basin, various instrumentation equipment WAS holding tank with aeration system, dewatering building with solid bowl decanter centrifuge, polymer feed system, ammonia scrubber and lime silo with sludge conveyors.

Gallons per Day

1.5 MGD

Owner’s Name

North Londonderry Township


Commonweath Engineering & Technology