Park 100 Logistics Center

Project Name

Park 100 Logistics Center


Allentown, PA

Project Description

The recently shuttered 1 million square foot former Kraft processing plant will be demolished to make way for two warehouse distribution centers. This site is located less than a mile from I-78, making it a desirable location for future tenants.

The scope of the demolition includes the existing 1,000,000 square foot manufacturing plant, an existing wastewater treatment plant, water tower, pump-house and several other ancillary buildings former utilized by Kraft. Concrete and paving shall be salvaged from the demolition to be repurposed as fill for this site.

The 92 acre site is being constructed to house two new warehouse and distribution facilities. Each new building will be 730,000 square feet, identically designed, and share an access road. The buildings will feature 36’ clear ceiling heights, a cross-dock floorplan, and LED lighting throughout. In order to maximize the buildable area on the site, underground stormwater detention has been planned for this site.

Square Footage

1,460,000 Sq. Ft.

Owner’s Name

Lehigh Valley Logistics


Modern Architecture