Madison Local Schools Richland County New Middle School


Mansfield, OH

Project Description
This project came to Quandel in a unique manner in that the OFCC hired us to replace the CM whom the OFCC had terminated. The project was finished by the end of December, which is two months earlier than originally anticipated. The new middle school includes Locally Funded Initiative building square footage for a varsity gymnasium and Auditoria. The varsity gymnasium has been designed with dividers so that the middle school can use it as three separate gymnasiums. There is also an auxiliary gymnasium at the rear of the building that will be used for wrestling with locker rooms connecting all of the recreational spaces.

The classroom areas are divided into two wings, each comprised of two floors with collaborative learning spaces. The elementary and middle school students are grouped into wings with the traditional classroom and hall layout. In the middle of each wing, the classrooms have been pushed out to create a collaborative learning area where students can arrange mobile tables and benches to suit their learning needs. The classrooms flanking the communal space have large windows to further reinforce student collaboration.

Square Footage

170,000 Sq. Ft.

Facility Type


Owner’s Name

Madison Local Schools


Garmann/Miller Architects-Engineers