New Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center

Project Name

Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center


Pottsville, PA

Project Description

A project which required extensive value engineering in order to stay within specific budget constraints, the new Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center involved the relocation of an entire orthopedic pool. Moving the pool also meant relocating an array of specialized equipment including underwater cameras, an underwater treadmill, pool filters and pumps, and sensitive HVAC equipment. Contracted to move the pool to its new location in four months, Quandel was able to complete the task in one.

Quandel’s responsibilities also included tying communication and computer lines from the rehab center into other campus buildings. Utilities had to be extended without disrupting other buildings, as did a new sanitary sewer line. Quandel also installed special athletic flooring in several rooms and made sure the center’s barrel vaulted ceilings were constructed with necessary clearances.

Project Size

18,400 Sq. Ft.

Owner’s Name

Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center, Inc.


Highland Associates, Ltd.

Chosen based on cost-effectiveness and previous experience, Quandel was able to take a series of high-end specs and efficiently incorporate them into our new rehabilitation center. Quandel was also able to suggest a number of cost-saving measures as construction progressed. A state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility, the new center has been well-received by both staff members and patients.
John Simodejka, President